A Professional Home Photographer

A Professional Home Photographer

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A Professional Home PhotographerAt Inman’s Laura Ure discusses why a professional home photographer is worth the price when selling your house. By “professional photography” Ure defines the word as “…professional photography will not include any shots by the real estate agent or any photos taken on an iPhone.”

She starts by telling us something we already know, listings using professional photos draw higher offers and using professional photos causes the house to sell faster. She writes that those statistics apply to all prices of houses.

What sets a regular photo apart from a professional home photographer?

Art direction Making sure that the photographer captures the right images is the responsibility of the art director. An experienced photographer can be his or her own art director.

Staged photographyHomes must be staged. An empty home yields no emotion, but a poorly furnished home is equally bad. Potential buyers must be able to envision themselves living in the home.

Getting the right angles Good photographers strive to capture the right angles to make a home as desirable as possible. This means shooting with a tripod, shooting at the right level and using either available light or adding lighting to certain areas of the home.

Scouting before the shootGood photos are all about preparation, which includes time of day and setup.

Creating the perfect compositionThe photographer will define the subject of the photo and the elements included. They will dictate how best to fill the space, where to create horizontal and vertical lines, and where to direct the focus.

Post-productionPost-production is the art of choosing the right photos and enhancing them.

Using a professional home photographer

When it comes to selling your house, many go through a realtor and do all that is necessary to present the house in the best possible light. Allow at least a couple of weeks or a month to get it ready. Then the house goes on the market. The average time on the market in a fast market might be 30 days and the average time in a slow market could be nine months.

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