8 Steps for Downsizing in Springfield

8 Steps for Downsizing in Springfield

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8 Steps for Downsizing in SpringfieldThe older we get, the more we think about the 8 steps for downsizing in Springfield. When the kids leave, you could find you just rattle around in the big house. Sometimes a spouse might die prompting thoughts of moving to a smaller house. A friend’s mother decided to sell the big house after her husband died. Then she was faced with “stuff” she had accumulated for over thirty years. Others find their houses so big that maintenance was overwhelming. Dr. Spock would say, “A smaller place is logical.”

It’s not just the elderly, but 80 million boomers will retire over the next eight and a half years. Many will want to move to warmer weather and smaller quarters. It can be painful to worry about all the collectibles, the furniture, and clothes in the smaller space.

WikiHow has 8 steps for downsizing in Springfield

  1. Assess your needs – When downsizing in Springfield, deciding what you really need requires a good long look at how you live your life daily. Then you can and prioritize the activities and items that are already a part of your actual lifestyle. That doesn’t mean those activities or items that you want to be part of your lifestyle but haven’t gotten around to yet.
  2. Go through your home, every cabinet, shelf, and closet should be cleaned.
  3. Measure your furniture. – You will need to know how your furniture will (or won’t) fit into your new space – particularly large items such as your sofa and your bed – so measure everything.
  4. Assess your new storage areas. – Yes the house or apartment is gorgeous, and the views are terrific, but assessing exactly how much of the new space is dedicated to storage will give you an idea of the volume of items you need to dispose of before moving in.

More of 8 Steps for Downsizing in Springfield

  1. Sell your stuff when You can’t take it all and someone will pay you money for what you don’t want.
  2. Move large items first. – Move your furniture into your new home first. You will have the most energy for this task at the beginning of the move, and it will also give you a better indication of where the smaller things will go.
  3. Organize your space as you unpack. – Utilize closet and cupboard storage solutions as you unpack. This way, more can be stored in these tight spaces, and you will be setting a precedent for how your new, smaller space will be used.
  4. Downsizing in Springfield may leave you with the small house feeling. Try hiring an interior designer for ways to make your house look and feel bigger. We can point you to several we have used with great results.

If you are downsizing in Springfield, moving as part of a job change, and selling your house, call us. Once you have decided to sell, you may want to move quickly. We buy houses as-is for cash.

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